Monday, August 20, 2012


El Bakri is on his death bed. We got the news last night about transfers and I will stay in the office with my new comp Elder Abney. He came up to Tana a while ago for some medical stuff and he worked with Seifert and I and he is awesome. We got along way good and I'm pumped to be comps with him. He has been in country for 4 months, so still young but hey we'll get stuff done whether or not people can understand our jibberish haha. Apparently there will be transfers in 2 weeks again... pray that I don't go back to knocking doors all day in Reunion. Well i don't mind where I am, it's just a lot easier to teach here. So for this weeks news! Hery and Yarisoa are ready for their baptism on the 1st of September. Super golden. So we had to take 3 malagasies to the airport for them to go to the temple and then MTC in Ghana. There was ridiculous traffic and it took us 2 and a half hours to get out there and I had to pee before we even left the house. So by the time we got to the airport i was numb between my belly button and knees and we were a bit pressed for time. So I go running into the airport to relieve myself ha and of course the families of the missionaries are all standing there waiting for us and they all jump me to say, "You're late! Where are the visa's?! Are they going to make it?!" I ignored them and went to the bathroom and started to go. So as I'm standing there a little kid comes up next to me and starts peeing up into the urinal because he is too short. So I'm just getting soaked by this kid because he is splashin and spraying everywhere. I had to pee sooo much that I couldn't stop and I just had to stand there and take it. So I took a bath and in the sink and went back out to get the missionaries through line and stuff and deal with their families. They came back at me as soon as I left the bathroom and I showed them the passports, told them that we were exactly 1 hour and a half early which is what is required for international flights and told them to get out of the way. So then I had to go get some cash converted for them for when they landed in South Africa. The first guy I went to wanted my passport, flight plans, and left arm to do the exchange so I went to the next guy and he only had 60 bucks on him and I needed 90. Then I went to the next guy and they wouldn't do it for who knows what reason, probably because I'm white. So I go back to the first guy with my passport and some flight plans and he makes me sit and wait for 20 minutes, so by this time I was getting a little aggressive. He asked if I was in a hurry... Hooray for patience. It all worked out though. Woohoo there's your story for the week. I gotta go haha Have a good one!

Elder Barclay    

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