Monday, December 19, 2011

Fam and Friends,
I am super tired. I dont want to write and the apostrophe key int working so Im somewhat irritated haha. This last week was kinda crazy. I have never encountered so many giant dogs in such a short period of time. Im not being unrealistic when I say that I believe that angels on the other side of the veil were holding up the fences that were keeping these dogs in their yards. One house the dog ran as fast and as hard as it could and rammed its head into the fence trying to break out and get to us. Other ones would jump up and almost clear the 6 foot gate. I was messin my pants everytime. It was ridiculous how big these things were too. On there hind legs they all were easily as tall or taller than me. I couldnt muster up the courage during any of those contacts to reach my hand through the gates to give a pass a long card or pamphlet. Another miracle that I witnessed was that we rang 5 doorbells on one street and every person that came out was french and the even more miraculous part was that they were really nice. Everytime a white person comes out I brace myself for a rough rejection but this time it wasnt like that. We even set an appointment with one of the guys. So our investigators kind of went AWAL. Lorenza is apparently a lot worse off than we thought with her drug and alcohol problems. Her kids got taken away buy social services last week and we cant really get a hold of her so we are waiting on her. Celine has been struggling too because she has been the one taking care of Lorenzas kids until social services stepped in. Its all just a big mess and I feel soooo bad for the little kids. As for Mamma Maillot, she is still runnin the streets and making a good living. We havent been able to sit down again and teach her but we have another rendezvous set up for tomorrow. Hopefully she lets us in because the last time we taught her she really liked it. The people we teach always eat it up but its like they forget how awesome they felt before the next appointment and then they dog us when we go back. BLAST! SATAN! As for Geoffrey, he is still a great friend and super nice but we havent yet broke through the wall he has built up against organized religion. He still is trying to pick and choose all the things he likes from all the religions he studies and put them into practice in his life. His problem with our church is chastity. C'Mon man! Hey look! the apostrophe key worked! But yeah he has all these ideas about expressing love and the differences between fornication and love. On Friday night we had a branch Christmas party with our branch and the branch from Le Port. It was fun, they made all the missionaries sing Christmas songs and stuff in english and it was just a party. Everybody was clappin their hands and gettin all sorts of funky in the church. They LOVED it. I felt a little bit ridiculous but whatever. It takes a lot to make me feel awkward or embarrassed now a days. For the Christmas call it's pretty finalized. I will be calling between 7 and 9 PM so be ready. I hope you all can make it, if no no big ha we are already 1/3 of the way through this dance and we will be talking soon enough. Time is going way too fast and I cant keep up. Im terrified for that last couple of days to sneak up on me already. I hope you all have a fun holiday season! Dont worry its really hard to get homesick for christmas because its not snowy or anything. The fact that it is December blows my mind. I cant wrap my head around that one. Well write me lots of letters :) Take it easy everybody! Love ya


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