Monday, December 10, 2012

Awesome week. Sunday was NUTS. After church we drove up to the top of this area called faravohitra to teach a guy. As soon as we left the church it started to pour. When we got to the top of the hill the cobblestone road had become a river and lighting was striking everywhere around us. The thunder was so loud that it would shake my chest. So we got out of the car and ran to the guys house and running was useless because within 3 seconds of being in the rain we were soaked. Working in the rain is always a good look because people are like, "Are you nuts?" We taught the guy and then descended the mountain and walked our way into one of the lower parts of our area where a lake had formed. We started down the path to our investigators house and before we knew it we were wading through knee deep sewage. Yay... The canals and pooh rivers that we always walk along had all over flown and the rivers had risen up above the bridges that cross them. So we didn't know where the bridges were to cross the canals. Luckily a ton of little kids ran to us and helped us across. One false step and I would have been completely submerged in a raging river of poop. It was a leap of faith walking across those bridges. When we got to the family's house they were all outside sweeping the water away from their houses so we grabbed some brooms and helped. It was a party. When it stopped raining we went inside and taught one of the best lessons of the week. The whole family was keeping up with dispensations and authority. They were all way fun to teach and be around. When night rolled around it got way cold. We taught Andrena and we just talked about her Book of Mormon reading. She has finished 1st Nephi and is eating it up. She told us that she feels the power of the book when she reads and she tells us all about the stories she has read during the week. We had a Zone Leader council on Tuesday and we had the Reunion and Tamatave zone leaders with us on webex. It was really cool, we made history! I conducted and the meeting went well. All the zone leaders are studs and Elders Twitchell and Long in Reunion brought a lot to the meeting. President Adams ended the council with some teaching from the scriptures about the gathering of Israel. The spirit was strong and I felt recharged. I love that stuff. Well that's about all I got. Have a great week. Skype is a go for Christmas so plan on Christmas eve your time. Have a great week! I love you all.


Elder Barclay     



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