Friday, September 30, 2011

Qoui de neuf les chiens
(what up dogs)

Island conference ended this morning and this has been the most fun week so far. Saturday Morning we started with workshops and stuff and holy cow we learned a lot and got pumped. President Donnelly will probably be an apostle some day. Saturday night we had a blitz contacting activity in St. Paul and Le Port which is pretty hood. A lot of sketchy stuff was happening during our contacts.. but it was still fun! We are really changing how we do stuff around here and it should make us have a little more success. Sunday we had a talent show and it was awesome. There are some awesome elders and sisters here. A few talents were tough to sit through but overall it was really good. President Donnelly actually played professional rugby in south Africa, how sick is that? So this morning to end island conference we went to a beach in St. Pierre on the south side of the island. The sand at the beach was BLACK and there were giant black rock formations in the water and it was one of the coolest pieces of scenery I have ever seen. We played touch rugby on the beach and President and I killed everyone. I wish I would have gone and played for Highland so bad. I almost died after playing though because I am so incredibly out of shape. I seriously thought I was going to pass out ha ha it was hard to breath and my chest was killing me!! So after we went to this ice cream place and my goodness..... The ice cream here is the best ice cream I have ever tasted. The fruit is freaking delicious too. So this past weekend was a blast. Elder Crossley is leaving tonight which is sad but that means one less European in the apartment! Actually I just realized, we are now 4 Americans and 1 Tahitian! Yeah! When i got here it was two Germans a french man and me. Yikes ha ha. Well we won the award for cleanest apartment by a landslide. We get to go to dinner at this super ritzy all you can eat restaurant in 6 weeks when president comes back. Ohh yes it's gonna be good :) well it seems as though the mail system here is not doing so well because I haven't gotten anything in two weeks now ha hopefully it makes it soon! We currently have 0 investigators. Total. It sucks. We work soooo hard and tract and do finding activities all day and night and we are just having no success whatsoever. I don't get it because the Elders in the south have like 4 PROGRESSING investigators and they are always screwin around. Maybe I am just being tried ha... I know we work longer and harder than everyone here because I have been on exchanges with these other guys and see what they do and it makes me scratch my head and say, "What are we doing wrong?" I don't get it but I'm sure if I just work as hard as I can and continue to be exactly obedient I will see the miracles and blessings later, whether or not we baptize people. well This place is closing up, Sorry I gotta go! I love you all and I pray for you every night! Take it easy broski's.

à la prochaine Love Jeff

Elder Barclay and Elder Millot

View from Elder Barclay's apartment

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